Testing SAP

Like many others business offer, SAP solutions rely on many different issues and require recurring updates, influenced by business drivers (business processes changes, merge & acquisitions, development of new products, etc.), compliance drivers (governance, risk management, etc.) and technology drivers (maintenance, upgrades, etc.).

Since SAP systems are often at the core of the business support, it is essential to have in place a comprehensive enough regression testing, upon each update. Because of the recurrence rate of such updating, this is only feasible through automation.

SAP offers a product that streamlines the implementation of the automated regression test, called TAO (Test Acceleration and Optimization). WinTrust is the partner selected by SAP for the implementation of this product in Portugal.

For more information, please download this document.

You can also refer to several Case Studies at SAP website. For your convenience, we have selected the SaraLee case study. Please download it here.

Automated Tests

WinTrust is the market leader in Portugal in automated testing thanks to its wide experience with large companies and to the work developed in our R&D centre.

We provide a wide offer in this field, adaptable to the project size and the client’s investment capacity:

  • High automation with automatic generation of test cases and data
  • Accelerator for automated functional tests on SAP and Siebel platforms
  • Add-on tool (Keyword-driven) developed at our R&D centre that runs on top of business / market tools and enables to conciliate the quick creation of scripts with a low maintenance effort.

Advantages of Automated Test

Automated functional tests allow significant reduction in the validation effort every time the application is updated, thus being suitable for the implementation of regression testing.

Additionally, the accuracy and the coverage rate of this type of testing are much higher because it allows for the execution, over a short period of time, of hundreds or thousands of test cases.

Finally, another important aspect is that it makes it easier to get metric and management information.

Besides automated functional testing, we also specialize in executing performance tests (volume, stress and load testing) in pre-production environments, as well as in measuring the response times in production environments.

For more information, please download this document.

Software Certification

If you have developed a commercial software product and you want to have the market acknowledge its quality make a statement by obtaining a certification for your software, guaranteed by an independent agency like WinTrust.

For a sample certificate, please see the certification for eResults of Glintt-HS.

This certification was based on the software requirements and consisted of 3 levels of tests, following two strands:

  • Test Scope
  • Identified Defects.

For the scope, the three levels are as follows:

  • Acceptance Tests – restricted to a positive test and business processes-oriented
  • Negative tests – by functionality
  • Performance, usability and portability tests.

For the identified defects, the three severity levels are as follows:

  • Level 1 – no ‘Blocking’ or ‘High’ defects found in the product
  • Level 2 – no ‘Blocking’, ‘High’ or ‘Medium’ defects found in the product
  • Level 3 – no defects identified in the product.

Where Severity means:

  • Blocking – prevents operation
  • High – the system produces wrong results
  • Medium – business rules or field validation are not being executed, although the system produces correct results if correct input data is provided
  • Low – small mistakes, like spelling mistakes or field misalignments.

As a complement to the certification provided by WinTrust, which is based on the requirements of your product, we can also offer other types of certification, in partnership with CERTIF, based on regulations acknowledged by industry as a reference elements.

In this case, additionally to being evaluated as per its own requirements, the product is also evaluated for compliance to the ISO/IEC 25051 standard.

Game Testing

In an increasingly competitive market and with the growing complexity of software games, it is crucial to be able to rely on a Professional testing service.

WinTrust is prepared to act as your valuable partner by combining two very important profiles:

  • Testing experts that bring into action accuracy, execution and defect report
  • Resources with a great passion for games and outstanding competences, both in terms of resilience (long hours playing) and expertise

If your company develops Software games, we can help you to deliver a more robust product to the market without delays.

Verification & Validation

The following diagram is an overview of our offering for independent verification and validation testing services.