WinTrust offers courses that not only prepare the participants for the ISTQB® certification exams, but basically enrich their professional experience enabling them to further develop a testing activity ‘gifted’ with more skills.


WinTrust’s trainer is a reputed “Testing Expert”, with about 30 years of professional experience exclusively dedicated, in the last 20 years, to software testing. Since 1995, he has been an invited to speak at several international conferences.

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We are proud to offer dedicated facilities where the courses are held, pleasantly located and surrounded by gardens (the course includes lunch). At these facilities, the participant has the opportunity to escape from the usual workplace and take full advantage of this learning opportunity. Additionally, they can take the chance to privately discuss with the trainer their company needs and problems and ask the opinion or suggestions from this international expert. The ISTQB® certification structure is designed as follows:


The courses breakdown in 3 levels of expertise/specialization:

  • Foundation Level
  • Advanced Level
  • Expert Level

The Foundation Level does not require any pre-requisites, but the participant should have a minimum 6-months hands-on experience in testing activities.  For more details, please see the white paper.

The Advanced Level requires that the candidate is already Foundation Level-certified with a minimum relevant experience in the testing activity of 18 months. This level of certification consists of three specialization branches:

  • Test Manager – with special focus on testing activities management
  • Test Analyst – with special focus on requirement-based test design techniques
  • Technical Test Analyst – with special focus on test design techniques, based on the code structure, security, reliability, accessibility and portability.

For more information please see contents of the “Test Manager” and “Test Analyst” courses.

We are also an ISTQB® Accredited Training Provider. Our training materials are also ISTQB® accredited.