The Test Design Techniques & Exploratory Testing Workshop was designed to be a practical course to help people to be more efficiency and effective in their daily work.

Although getting ourselves certified by ISTQB®, we rarely use much of the techniques which we were taught. Using tools to implement the test design techniques from the ISTQB® certification, and using Exploratory Testing concepts to exercise techniques, supports a huge improvement in our productivity.

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This workshop helps you to master test design techniques to achieve higher level of requirements analysis as well as more efficient and effective test cases, covering better the product risks. Using Exploratory Testing helps you to increase discovery rate of high severity defects, in a short time.

In this workshop, Pairwise and Classification Tree techniques and test design tools (freeware), together with Exploratory Testing will be discussed and exercised Hands-On.

A mini project, on the second day, will summarize all that we have learned. In small groups, participants will develop their testware using the tools based on a predefined project scenario.

For more details, please see the white paper.